Jacob Frommer

Who am I?

Who am I?

When I was a kid, my mom told me, "get off the couch, stop playing video games, and do your homework, one day you will need to get a job." It seems fitting that I now sit at my desk, design video games, and manage development teams.

I am a critical thinker who enjoys analyzing and understanding how and why things work. At Quinnpiac University I combined my major in Video Game Design with a minor in Computer Science to better understand the foundations that game designers build upon. Outside of my studies, I enjoy reading, photography, music mixing, spending time with my friends and family. 

I try to sink my teeth into all programs at my disposal. In a constantly evolving field, it is important to stay on top of as many new programs as you can. While I use Maya, ZBrush, and Photoshop most frequently I enjoy learning new development architectures. I am an experienced coder in Java, JavaScript, and C#. In order to better use Unreal, I have been learning c++. 

Quinnipiac has offered me numerous classes that have contributed to my progression as a designer. Some of my favorites include:

Creative Game Lab - Semester long game creation projects focused around cooperation and critique
Logical Reasoning - The philosophy of logic and argument validity
Computer Architecture and Organization - Scrum-based group programing focusing on creating a game engine.
Philosophy of death and dying - Examining life, death, and causality (while this may not be directly applicable to my major, I find it enlightening, in particular, my professor encourages us to refrain from computer use). 

Studying abroad in Florence gave me the opportunity to explore different interests than I normally would. The International Studies Institute (ISI) placed a strong focus on liberal arts and Italian culture. The courses I took:

Photography - Looking at the Florence though lenses and using Photoshop for post processing.
History of Italian art: The nude and the naked - A comprehensive look at the progression and symbolism of nudity in art
The history and culture of food  - The role food has played in the evolution of society and culture
Archaeology and art of ancient Italy - Examining the similarities in style, architecture, and culture in Italy from the 8th century BCE to the 5th century CE


Summer Internships

Sophomore and Junior Summer

Jerrick Media – Writing articles, analyzing SEO data in google analytics, getting coffee for the lead designer


Programs I use

  3DS Max
  Marvelous Designer

  Substance Painter

  3DS Max Vray
  Blender Cycles
  Maya Arnold
  Marmoset Toolbag

Game Engines:
  Unity 5
  Unreal Engine 4

  Adobe Photoshop
  Adobe Illustrator
  Adobe After Effects
  Final Cut Pro


If you're interested in learning more about me, you can follow me on the sites below, or download my resume